ECU controlled transmissions are the future.

For many years now, modern vehicles have been equipped with fully automated gearboxes with their own complex ecu that controls the way the vehicle shifts gear both in automatic and manual modes. The gearbox ECU (including DSG transmission and all other similar systems) control the harmony between the engines power output, the drivers throttle input and the drivers shift commands. A balance must be maintained to ensure smooth shifts that do not overtly stress the mechanical components and nor does the engines torque exceed the capabilities of the clutch pack and of course transmission components.


By recalibrating your Gearbox ECU (Inc DSG boxes) we can control things such as:

Increased shifting response times (up to 70% faster shifting)
Gear up-shift and down-shift points
(We can tune the RPM at which the shift happens)
Minimum and maximum RPM for up and down-shifts
(the transmission ECU has its own rev limiters for each gear that over-ride the tune within the ECU so these often need to be changed to compliment an ECU remap)
Torque limiter changes (Gearbox ECU is independent of engine ECU so just remapping the engine ECU wont always unleash the full potential of the drive-train)
Launch Control (This option is not available on all models)
Automatic shifting control adjustments
(We can tune out those annoying up/down shifts in M mode)

Gearbox Control Modfication.

Modifications can be made to any thus equipped vehicle be it standard or tuned. This allows us to tune the vehicles transmission to suit the driver better. This is not a modification just for track day enthusiasts though, we feel every driver will enjoy the changes to the way the vehicle drives and in many cases we can program the transmission to perform much closer to, or the same as, the vehicles sportier models in the range.